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Lights Out

"Lights out, everybody. .. (slow chiming of a gong twelve times)... It is later than you think." (show opening)

The most potent element of Lights Out was undoubtedly its sound effects -- sounds previously unheard and even unthinkable. Using bloodcurdling human screams and real food being chopped, snapped, fried, torn, and shredded as the main ingredients to achieve ghoulish, truly horrifying effect, listeners delighted in being scared half to death.

In a rather ingenious concept, the show was designed to air at the midnight hour, making it the scariest hour of the day when all manner of diabolic events were possible under the cover of darkness when most people were assumed to be tucked safely into their homes and beds. A perfect time to tune in, hide under the covers, and be petrified by tales of horror.

There are 96 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Cat Wife June 17, 1936
Nobody Dies December 9, 1936
The Fast One October 14, 1936
Poltergeist aka The Gravestone December 16, 1936
The Sea September 16, 1936
The Author and the Thing September 9, 1936
Across the Gap August 12, 1936
Money Money Money August 5, 1936
Little Old Lady November 17, 1937
The Dark December 29, 1937
Uninhabited December 22, 1937
Happy Ending June 23, 1937
Organ May 12, 1937
State Executioner March 17, 1937
Chicken Heart March 10, 1937
Sakhalin March 3, 1937
Cat Wife-Repeat February 17, 1937
Meteor Man June 16, 1937
Lord Marley's Ghost July 14, 1937
The Little People April 14, 1937
Until Dead May 26, 1937
Murder Castle February 16, 1938
It Happened May 11, 1938
Cat Wife with Boris Karloff April 6, 1938
The Dream with Boris Karloff March 23, 1938

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